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Over 30 year experience in Broadcast Screen Media
(Multi-Media / DVD / Blu-ray).

Corporate Production  / Television Commercials / Events Coverage.

  • Corporate Promotional videos on DVD or Multi-media online platforms.
  • Television Commercial Production including scripting, shooting, graphic design, editing, CAD approval and delivery to broadcaster.
  • Events Coverage everything from single camera to multi-camera coverage of conference, entertainment and sporting programs.

From Large clients like GWELO & Sitzler to well know specialty clients like, Texgun Supplies and Darwin Performance Academy, Palm Photo – Gary Haslett Video Productions can deliver excellent results on time on budget.

Photographic coverage of Events, Parties or almost Anything!

 Call us on 0404861897 to make an appointment.

 Recent Events:

  1. 2013 RACGP
  2. 2013 Batchelor Graduation
  3. 2012 Batchelor Graduation
  4. 2011 Darwin High School
  5. Taminmin 2011
  6. 2011 Batchelor Graduation
  7. 2010 O'Loughlin
  8. 2010 Mineral's Ball
  9. 2010 Officer's Ball

To view the full list of past events please visit the online event photo gallery.